“Vinny is professional, honest, and and an asset to any organization. It has been my pleasure working with Vinny over the last 5 years as my general contractor for Simonetti Properties.”

- Cara Siciliano

“I have hired Vinny to do work around my home. I also recommended him to my church’s Trustees and he has done a lot of handyman work on the church building. He does excellent work.”

- Linda Hilliard

“Vinny is a jack of all trades. He’s professional and he’s insured. The quality of his work is exceptional. Ask to see his before and after pictures of his work. You’ll appreciate his quality product.”

- David Lima

“Vinny arrived on time and provided exceptional work (and conversation). It was hard to believe he was here, as there wasn’t so much as a scrap on the floor (and he removed copious amounts of calk. The previous owners loved caulk).

As an owner of an older house in what seems to be an endless upgrade, knowing Vinny is peace of mind.”

- Stacy L. Carpenter

“Vinny is truly an expert at his craft and his craft happens to be building and repairing everything. He is also a creative thinker that places ideas outside the box and this way of tackling a project has provided my wife and I with several quality outcomes. In addition, Vinny is one of the nicest and honest business men I have met. My wife and I have hired him several times in the past and will do so again. My only hesitancy in writing this recommendation is that it will provide more work for Vinny, tightening his schedule, and preventing him from being available for us…selfish I know.”

- Allen Wellington

“Vinny has done handyman work for me several times. I keep hiring him back because everything he does is expert and comes out looking great — everything from replacing a rotted panel under the sink to plastering. He is also totally trustworthy and personable. You can’t go wrong with Vinny!”

- Jennifer Powell

“I have recommended Vinny on multiple projects and the results were exceptional. Some of my most valuable customers were very impressed with Vinny’s responsiveness, integrity, knowledge and drive to satisfy the customer was beyond comparison. His attention to detail and attention customers needs made me look very good just for recommending Vinny. Without reservation,I would highly recommend Vinny’s Handyman to anyone looking for small to mid sized home improvement projects.”

- Roy Melnick

“Vinny is great – he has come out several times and always does a quality job.”

- David Lorenzi